Programme October 2018 to June 2019

2018: Thurs. Oct. 11thBruegel’s Scenes of Country Life’ – Sarah Kelly

Thursday Nov. 8th  – ‘Miscellaneous  Antiques – – Marc Allum.  Bring one of your own – 10am at the Little Theatre.  Visitors £10

Thursday Dec. 13th‘Sing we Yule’ – Sarah Deere Jones. A Musical Portrait of a Medieval Christmas wit medieval harp, psaltery, hammered dulcimer and more ………………….

2019: Thurs. Jan. 10th  John Opie – the Cornish Wonder’ – Viv Hendra. The 18th century carpenter’s boy who is buried in St. Paul’s. His legacy is found across the world… but nobody has ever heard of him!  This replaces the lecture on Chinese brush painting which has been cancelled due to the illness of the lecturer. The AGM follows

Thurs. Feb. 14th – ‘ Wagon West’ – Ian Beckett. Images of the American Frontier.  An introduction to American Art and History.

Thursday  March 14th – ‘Edouard Manet & Music’ – Dr Lois Oliver.  A constant theme in Manet’s life – discover how music inspired his art.

Thurs. April 11th – A Chld’s Life in the Middle Ages’ – Imogen Corrigan. Are children really missing from Medieval Art? Nothing could be further than the truth!

Thurs. May 9th Bruegel : Peasants, Proverbs & Landscapes –   Paula Nuttall ….Paula Nuttall: The Art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525/30-1569) is a byword for the depiction of landscape painting.(This lecture explores his work and its meaning including the Peasant Dance and Peasant Wedding and the Months of the Year, which rank amongst the greatest achievements of Netherlandish Paintings.)

Thurs. June 13th – Aztec Art & Textiles’ – Chloe Sayer.  Exquisite textiles, silver jewellery, wooden dance masks, imaginative toys and fine pottery ………….